Corrary Farm

The Farm extends to 1200 acres and is located in a beautiful remote location in Glenbeag, Glenelg in the West Highlands. Glenbeag is famous for its historic Brochs, ‘Dun Trodden’ and ‘Dun Telve’, both of which are located on the property. For many years we have grown organic salads and vegetables in our two large commercial Polytunnels supplying local outlets.

As well as the salad and vegetable growing, there is a Brewery in one of the old farm buildings. The brewery supplies a range of beers to the local pub and beyond. We also have a licence and a brewery tap room, The Dun Inn, where visitors are welcome to come and enjoy a pint or two or take some beer home. For more details see our brewery web site We have one property available for rental, ‘Duntrodden House’. For details please see the Accommodation page.

In 2015 thirty five hectares of new woodland was planted on the upland ground funded through the Forestry Grant Scheme. The creation of new woodland offers many environmental enhancements and the new woodland on the lower slopes will link up the fragments of existing woodland, much of which is semi-natural ancient.

In 2016 the adjacent 158Ha commercial forestry block was purchased from the neighbouring estate. A twenty year plan for the forest has just been completed and approved with the very long term aim of re-establishing a forest of diverse native species. Within the mix will be wood for harvesting to meet the future firewood requirements of the farm and also timber for milling for building projects. With a lot of focus now on forestry we have just started to establish a tree nursery here at the farm. For more details and contact information for volunteering to help with seed collection, please refer to the Tree Nursery page.

The ‘Wagon Café’ which was open here for many years has now permanently closed. We would like to thank all our customers who enjoyed coffee and cakes at the Wagon; perhaps a pint of organic beer instead now?